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AcePos Ticketing System is suitable for any type of park management business such as open parks, indoor amusement centres muziums etc. This version is specially developed to print tickets to be used as book markers or souvenirs and can also print wrist bands as well for the visitors. You can add in sales agents codes to track their sales and for commission calculation purposes. It can be installed as a stand alone unit or linked via networks at the individual ticketing counter and has the capability to integrate all sales data back to head office.

What this system can do?
  • Allows you to setup the different types of fares available for visitors such as adult fare, child fare, group fare or even packaged tour fare and also the number of tickets to print for each type.
  • Allows you to specify whether number of ticket for groups or individual tickets for groups depending on the number of visitors.
  • Allows you to have the tickets printed in such a way that the visitors can keep them as souvenirs or book markers.
  • Able to help you track the volume of business each Tour Company is bringing to your shop monthly and annually.
  • Able to allow you to track the types of visitors by race or even countries if you want to.
  • Helps you manage your daily cash receipts.
  • Know from which type of tickets your profit comes from.
  • Detailed and summarized management reports to assist you in your business.
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